We warmly invite you to attend the 2nd Berlin Experimental Film Festival!

The Festival takes place at Kino Moviemento in Kreuzberg, the oldest Cinema in Germany, founded 1907. This year we present 52 titles from more than 24 different countries! No less than ten hours of Experimental Cinema for film makers, film organizations, enthusiasts and audience to gather around.

Regardless if its a quiet sensitive film about personal pain, an angry roar against society, a light hearted documentary about a grandmother, a visual portrayal of sound itself or an insecure attempt to wander into an unknown sexuality - the Experimental Film making as such is what the curated program is be built upon.

It's going to be Experimental, Obscure and personal. Angry, gentle, happy and rough!


Bogotá Experimental Film Festival \ CineAutopsia presents Latin American Highlights, Festival Curator Oscár Pico will travel from Bogota to present the film program. website

Also German premiere for Frederik Jan Depickere's film The Horn, a 50 minute documentary following a former Colombian guerrilla commander living as a refugee in North Sweden. Frederik will also travel to Berlin and present his film at the screening. website

HYPERTELI@ by Jonathan Palomar
Runtime: 10:53

AThe “ultimate” mash-up: a hacked film on hyper-reality, technology, and post-humanity; Using found film and video (from Lumiere brothers to Minecraft) and narrated by a computer generated voice over, this essay film elaborates on Baudrillard’s concept of hypertelia ⎯the point beyond catastrophe reached by a system that has exceeded its functionality.

Random Decomposition by Karina R. Sandoval
Runtime: 04:51

Family archives around the figure of Lucila. She had Alzheimer’s and was my grandmother. Corruption of the material as the manifestation of a degenerative disease, set in a visual descomposition process based on the destruction of memory. Dismantled and fragmented memories, conected by the soundtrack.

Venus – Filly the lesbian little Fairy by Sávio Leite
Runtime: 06:00

From the foam of the sea, fertilized by the blood of the sky, was born Venus, enchanting goddess.

Alexandra by David Silva
Runtime: 08:45

Alexandra is a minimalistic audiovisual exploration about female orgasm. A speculative translation of sensations, memories, feelings and emotions manifested through a woman's body at her pleasure's peak by means of plain shapes, complementary colours, simple lines and silhouettes searching for duality between body and mind. An exploration focused on the sensory meaning of orgasm, moving away from representations visually explicit of female sexuality. A route of sensations, cabbalistic symbols, constellations, religious analogies and archetypic methapors surrounding female orgasm.

Aesthetic Orders by Pablo Ramos
Runtime: 11:30

A visual essay about the concepts of beauty and its multiple interpretations.

Use Value / Exchange Value by Melisa Aller
Argentina – Paraguay
Runtime: 03:40

The sublime charm (of commodities fetishism). Consumption that consumes us. Rays in cages. And the economic rationality creating monsters. You are surrounded in the yard of things. There is no culture, no beauty, no universality. Let wolves die and equality be beauty! Love? Where are you? Use Value / exchange Value makes you lose sight of life itself.

The Horn by Frederik Jan Depickere
Peru - Neatherlands - Sweden
Runtime: 50:00

He cheated, extorted and murdered, up until reaching absolute self-fulfillment in the Far North of Sweden.

The Festival's competition Program kicks off with the Narrative selection of films coming from a wide range of origins. Works portraying power, the eternal journey, confusion, death and much much more. It will be obscure and dark but also warm hearted and peacefull.

Periodic Nullification by Mohammad Hossein Seif and Mohammad Hessam Seif
Runtime: 07:50

Getting away was always a dream, an attempt to transform dream into an impossible reality, and a premanent death.

Long Pig by Kirby Light
United States
Runtime: 09:51

It comes in at night.
And likes to eat your children.
Children taste like pork.

Sisiphus by Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Runtime: 10:14

The film begins to write its own script while the director sleeps to get to know itself. When trying to connect with the character he created, the character moves out of the script. Is it from the essence of the character, or the director of the film? The character, the film, and the director... each question his own existence as a subject...

12:21:21 by Hilusha Hewagama
Sri Lanka
Runtime: 16:51

Schizophrenic, a mental patient while taking treatment views his past reminiscences. He understands the reality and Illusion from a different angle.

Contre Le Mur (La Chambre Noire) by Alexis Diop
Runtime: 19:11

Hundreds of pictures scattered all around the floor. Monika, an East-German woman, lost her memory and the only thing she can do is fantasizing a missing past and an impossible future. A message from her friend Kirsten, on a voice recorder, pushes her into telling her last memories.

In the Meat of a Functioning Heart by Anja Høvik Strømsted
Runtime: 06:46

At the order of Jeffrey, Miriam drugs and keeps young men unconscious for unknown reasons, but grows affectionate towards the sleeping beauties.

The Eternal Journey by Sunil Pandey
Runtime: 14:51

This film chronicles ananta yatra (eternal journey) of an old woman who meets sudden demise in the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Hindu mythology requires her to hold a calf while crossing the Baitadi river for her salvation. The film Director Sunil Pandey’s eulogy to his beloved grandmother.

Eidos by Rami Jarboui
Runtime: 14:28

In the middle of nowhere, a man dragging a shovel, finds an old man playing chess against himself , the man with the shovel begins to dig a grave. Things are accelerating in this space without identity. Love, violence, and history interact , until the moment fate strikes him

Secessionist by Rachael Wenona Guy
Runtime: 08:00

“Secessionist” is the story of conjoined twins at odds with each other. The film is based on a poem, and is a unique interweaving of puppetry, stop-motion animation and lyrical language. “Secessionist” shifts between acute tenderness and disquieting tension and focuses on the psychology and experience of shared embodiment, while hinting at a more universal conundrum – the conflict between our desire for autonomy and the fact of our interdependence.

Closing the Saturday screenings is the Documentary section where we will get to take part of a variety of stories. A dance through a Bazaar in Tehran, a cat society in Sweden, Priests in the Canadian arctic and much more. It will be both personal and universal, rough and gentle.

Twins by Pablo Radice
Runtime: 13:06

Efrain and Jose are homocygous twins brothers. Both of them are doctors. Efrain works as an obstretician, dealing with birth. His twin brother, Jose, works as a forensic doctor in the police morgue dealing with death.

Family Pine Tree by Francesca Van Daele
Belgium, Greece
Runtime: 08:00

A poetic portrait about a man, Niko, who unintentionally kills a pine tree. The analogy between Niko, who represents the last generation of his family tree, and the dead standing pine tree works complementary. The story is told from the perspective of the dying pine tree which gives the short documentary an experimental touch. The movie was shot in Greece, on the island of Ikaria.

Northem Houses by Guy Bordin and Renaud De Putter
Canada, Belgium
Runtime: 20:33

The short visit in the Canadian Arctic of a Kenyan priest allows an evocation of the past of this Inuit region marked by the stay of two previous Roman Catholic missionnaries both ethnologists and adventurers. The film made in the 50s by one of them and that links their fates shows their fascination with a world they advocate, while hastening its irreversible mutation.

The Sun Rose Twice by Kelby Wood
United States
Runtime: 07:33

After experiencing a miscarriage, a young woman travels across Southwestern America to the locations the first atomic bomb was conceived and detonated.

The Phantom by Robert Duncan
United Kingdom
Runtime: 05:33

A young man becomes troubled by a ghostly apparition within his old family photographs and begins a hunt for answers.

The Dérive by Tanin Torabi
Runtime: 07:39

An exploration of social and cultural issues. A dancer moves among the people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing the responses and reactions. Dance is prohibited in Iran.

Remember? by Sanna Liljander
Runtime: 03:47

Photographs capture special moments of our lives, at the same time reminding us of their impermanence. Remember? is a journey through a space of memories.

Dancing with Cats by Emelie Carlsson Gras
Runtime: 23:20

In the 1920s, the possibilities of the documentary film was explored by Dziga Vertov in Man with a Movie Camera. Since then we have seen some women with cameras and now the time has come for the cat to explore the human world.

Permission to Land by Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi
Runtime: 16:48

Somewhere, sometime, an airplane takes off. Gliding along Lebanon's varied terrain, the film explores landscapes that conceal the nation's forgotten history of aviation while trying to reconcile with the absence of a place to land.

Experimental Film Society presents a programme of films by Atoosa Pour Hosseini and Esperanza Collado. The work of these two artists included in this screening is rooted in their profound if contrasting relationships to the material of celluloid film. Pour Hosseini and Collado will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

Experimental Film Society is an Irish company dedicated to the production and screening of films defined by an uncompromising devotion to personal, experimental cinema.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini
The painterly, visually dense style of Pour Hosseini’s films emerges from her intricate work on the texture of 8mm. Combining found and original footage, she scratches, dyes and paints the film surface to highlight both the fragility and persistence of the image. These works trace a haunting inner logic of loss, memory and displacement that fluctuates between the personal and the general, the pictorial and the material. Bodies wander, landscapes echo each other and time is unwound through a complex approach to the associations of 8mm with being a medium of the past and of private rather than industrial filmmaking. The digital form these works finish on brings a further contemplative layer to their rich exploration of the resonant mystique of 8mm.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini is an artist-filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. Her work, which is influenced by historical avant-garde cinema, explores questions about illusion, reality, and perception through the media of film, video, installation and performance.

Mirage (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2015)
8mm on digital, 4 min, Iran/Ireland
Oasis (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2015)
8mm on digital, 8 min, Germany/Ireland
Clandestine (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2015)
8mm on digital, 15 mins, Estonia/Ireland
Gleanings (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2017)
8mm on digital, 8 min, Ireland/Switzerland
Refining the Senses (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2017)
8mm on digital, 12 min, Switzerland/Iran/Ireland

Esperanza Collado
Esperanza Collado’s Evenly Balanced, Almost uses a 16mm projection to root the audience in the here and now, in the immediate living reality of the moment of the screening and the viewers attending it. This minimal textual film takes the form of a direct address to the audience, making its main subjects the relationship between the film and those watching it, and the space of the dark theatre. Playfully and humorously, the screen enters into a surprising dialogue with the spectators that brings them back to the most fundamental mechanisms of the cinematic experience.

Esperanza Collado works with installation, environment-performances, film and written work that engage with the philosophical vocation of cinema and the spacial and choreographic possibilities of projectiof.

Evenly Balanced, Almost (Esperanza Collado, 2017)
16mm, 15 mins, Spain/UK

The Sunday competition section starts off with the Berlin origins which contains both narrative as well as non narrative films. Sex and sexuality, fairytale and mysticism, stop motion and live action. A wide range of styles and themes, all Berlin origins.

Marcelle by Aitan Ebrahimoff
Runtime: 07:50

Erotic dance film Marcelle (2017) explores the ecstasy and violence inherent to carnal desire. The narrative, based on Bataille's surrealist erotica The Story of the Eye (1930), is a macarbre, fetishized and tragic portrait of human sexuality. In the original story Marcelle, a young woman - and this film's namesake - is driven to insanity and eventually suicide as she becomes the object of obsession for a young deviant couple committing shocking sex acts. Here the same problematic story is resurrected, but the fetishized plot driver that is Marcelle becomes instead a tragic heroine.

Runtime: 20:21

Based on the bizarre actual life events of Dutch librarian and medical student, Hugo Bart Huges, BRAINBLOODVOLUME is a stylistic interpretation of the essential moments at which Huges chose to follow through with an operation he theorized would lead to a permanent state of higher consciousness – through the ancient mind-altering procedure of trepanation. Shot without dialogue in high-contrast black and white, the film approximates the style of the original 1965 photographs taken of Bart Huges during and after his operation, while utilizing a surreal tone and imagery throughout the story.

In our Flesh by Kit-Patrick Dafoe
Runtime: 10:00

Hypnotised by the mysterious allure of the bright lights of the discotheque and the dark recesses of its corners, Amos braves a night out to finally find what she's been searching for. Instead, she finds the darkest of urges that are pulsating in our flesh.

Furniture Porn Project by Antoine Heraly
Runtime: 10:36

+++the hottest Louis Philippe wardrobes in a 10km radius around yours — this kinky little bed side table open for a one-night-stand — central_island_unit sent you a private message+++

Nocturne by Anne Breymann
Runtime: 05:19

At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.

The Pine Tree Villa by Jan Koester
Runtime: 12:58

Lion and Bird break into an uninhabited villa to find out about the reason why it is not aging. Immediately they feel the power that keeps the villa alive.

Doors of Perception by Caroline Schwarz
Runtime: 14:30

In a world where everything unknown is black infinity a nameless person has to overcome the temptation of the visible to be free. The limitation of perception causes the fear of the unknown. The unknown seems unimaginable. We don’t experience it: So do we only see what we know? “Doors of perception” is a fairy tale in black light. In a world where the unknown is black infinity an individual wakes up and has to look for her ways in darkness. She sets off to search for the familiar, the trustworthy. But does the truth lie in the visible?

Child by Iring Freytag
Runtime: 09:12

A child has to leave its cozy hut to collect wood for the fire that went out. Growing into a teenager, he encounters a singular tree that he wants to turn into fire wood. He tears the tree out and thus becomes a man who is drawn to the woods that emerge around him. Overwhelmed by the mass of trees, he starts to tear out every single one of them. Then he gathers the wood, getting ready to travel back. Though the last tree breaks the back of this now middle-aged man, his desire, to bring everything back home, persists. Having become an old man, he realizes that he is not strong enough to return with any trunk at all.

Limbo Weeks by Bianca Kennedy in cooperation with Fabian Vogler
Runtime: 08:09

Limbo Weeks depicts a very peculiar state of human development: The short time frame of seven weeks, where nature hasn't decided on a specific gender for its fetus yet. In this state of blissful limbo the characters try to influence their own destiny through changing the water temperature of the bathing mother or playing with the wheel of evolutionary fortune. Several feti's journeys are being depicted, as they fight their way out of wombs, lose themselves in ritualistic dances and finally shed their golden skin, before reattaching to the severed navel string.

The Festival will conclude with the Non Narrative films which will be directly followed by the announcement of winners. Personal calm existentialism, a mystic journey to space, superslowmotion glimpse of everyday life, Art escaping from it's creator – this section is wide and shifting.

00 (double zero) by Alberto Martin-Aragon
Runtime: 08:00

Bullied by a misterious woman, a man without name must abandon his home and must face other reality more complex. 00 (double zero) is a poetic and magic meditation about the lost of our daily references and about the frailty of our identity like individuals in a cosmos that mixes and confuses everything.

#empty by Beatriz Vilariño González
Runtime: 04:50

A woman appears in an empty space where she will have to struggle with a bunch of images, objects and feelings about herself and the world around her.

Stella Erratica by Ben Barton
United Kingdom
Runtime: 09:25

Alone on a desolate planet. Or is he?
This experimental lo-fi sci-fi, shot on super 8 film, charts a voyage through space to another world. Although the monsters may lie much closer to home...
The film was painstakingly edited by hand, using optical effects to create an authentic, vintage style.

Spikes Protocol by Pedro Tavares
Runtime: 09:37
The overwhelming class has decided to leave the planet but they don't know what is about to come.

The End of Time by Milcho Manchevski
Runtime: 05:24

The End of Time highlights that one moment on a regular, unassuming Tuesday when you realize that the time has stopped and the universe has been sucked into a single grain of rice.

How to Make the Girl - How to Make the Maker by Ann Prim
United States
Runtime: 04:12

A brief glimpse at the tyranny of beauty – inspired by a series of instructional poems by the spoken word artist DESSA.

In a Free Sound Field by Monteith McCollum
United States
Runtime: 11:00

In a home filled with rare art objects from around the world, a disjunctured set of tales unravel about the travels of collector Don Boros. Dislocating fact from fiction and time from place, the tales are intermixed with the notable text “Sensations of Tone” by Helmholtz, the 19th century physicist. This work exists as a single channel and interactive version. The interactive version utilizes the audience’s iPhones to provide for a different sonic and visual experience that engages the viewer and incorporates the space of the theater.

Moving Picture by James Mor
Runtime: 08:10

A work of art takes flight from it's creator.
Can he bring it back.

Zugzwang by Perla Joe Maalouli
Runtime: 07:00

A satirical journey that takes us through the mind cells of Maria Sikias, a Lebanese woman who’s going through a casting session with a German casting director. With each emotion requested, her subconscious is revealed, where her acting skills & imagination take over; haunted by her reality and by the system that we live in as human beings.

Holes by Michael Williams
United States
Runtime: 05:00

'HOLES' is about worlds within holes and holes within worlds. 'HOLES' a depiction of childhood as remembered from home movies and memories filled with holes. The film is the condensation of a whole life from birth to death to rebirth.

Blind Body by Diogo Vale
Runtime: 15:00

A group of children in the middle of a forest.
Two girls explore their own path.
One of them falls asleep.

The Craftsman by Philipp Bückle
Runtime: 10:43

It features a total of eight scenes, each lasting exactly a minute, divided by one/two seconds of black screen. Four are outside shots and another four depict a man sitting in a wardrobe. At one point a spider gets involved.
The camera is static and there is hardly any movement at all but hints of the narrative are spread all over the pictorial compositions.